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Beekeeping (Test of inline PDF Upload)

Unsorted Food Production

Low Cost, DIY, Indoor Gardening Primer

Indoor Gardening Indoor Gardening Methods

Summary: This guide is to show that growing food, plants, flowers, ornamentals or whatever you want does not require massive amounts of land, time or money. Infact you can grow fresh, organic food indoors, in the middle of a city with very little upfront cost...


Indoor Gardening Indoor Gardening Methods

Summary: Hydroponics is a technique of growing plants without soil. Usually a plant is held over a container and the plant roots are semi submerged in a solution of nutrients that is mixed with water. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is especially...


Indoor Gardening Indoor Gardening Methods

Summary: Aquaponics is similar to hydroponics but instead of having to buy an external nutrient source, you are using fish to produce nutrients for your plants while also raising fish to keep as nutrient creators or consume for protein. These systems require ...

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Unsorted Article Templates

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Trash Stand V0.1

Trash Stand - Open Source Build Plans Build Plans

This guide is to make a very simple trash picking stand. This is meant to be out in the public, so anyone can help pick up trash. This is great for parks or community spaces that often get trash blown in, or litter ends up in communal areas. The build is very ...

What you need to make the trash stand

Trash Stand - Open Source Build Plans Material Requirements

Raw materials needed: Three 2x4 pieces of lumber. 8 feet is perfect. Pressure-treated is better but use whatever you can find. 3 inch construction screws (star or T-25 drive screws prefered) Two Hook and Eyes (or however many you need if you have more tha...