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What is Hacker | Solar ?

Hacker | Solar is a knowledge repository on all subjects related to the practical application and praxis within the Solarpunk movement.

Solarpunk is a literary, art, and social movement that understands the current state of the world in terms of climate crisis, social & economic problems, and the state of individuals and their localized communities and seeks to demonstrate possible future scenarios that address these issues. As a social movement it seeks to find and implement localized, decentralized, and distributed solutions to various problems within our current state of being.

Elements of Solarpunk seek to implement various post-scarcity solutions including:

  • Food Production & Distribution
  • Water Production & Distrubtion
  • Power Production & Distribution
  • Housing & Shelter
  • Healthcare & Medicine
  • Education

This site contains knowledge repos and how-tos regarding these various solutions. Solutions are designed to be implemented at the individual scale using current technology, both high-tech and low-tech, that is accessible to individuals or small groups.