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00: Welcome - Start Here

How to use and contribute to this site.

Seed Shares, Libraries, Exchanges

Community Gardening

Seed sharing is an ancient practice, going back to the dawn of human-driven agriculture. Seed shares are a way to exchange seeds and help grow biodiversity. Most seed shares are done in a communal setting, with people meeting to exchange any kind of seeds from...

Trash Stand V0.1

Trash Stand - Open Source Build Plans Build Plans

This guide is to make a very simple trash picking stand. This is meant to be out in the public, so anyone can help pick up trash. This is great for parks or community spaces that often get trash blown in, or litter ends up in communal areas. The build is very ...

Article Layout Boilerplate

Unsorted Article Templates

Summary: How To: Examples: Resources:


Indoor Gardening Indoor Gardening Methods

Summary: Aquaponics is similar to hydroponics but instead of having to buy an external nutrient source, you are using fish to produce nutrients for your plants while also raising fish to keep as nutrient creators or consume for protein. These systems require ...


Indoor Gardening Indoor Gardening Methods

Summary: Hydroponics is a technique of growing plants without soil. Usually a plant is held over a container and the plant roots are semi submerged in a solution of nutrients that is mixed with water. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is especially...

Low Cost, DIY, Indoor Gardening Primer

Indoor Gardening Indoor Gardening Methods

Summary: This guide is to show that growing food, plants, flowers, ornamentals or whatever you want does not require massive amounts of land, time or money. Infact you can grow fresh, organic food indoors, in the middle of a city with very little upfront cost...

Beekeeping (Test of inline PDF Upload)

Unsorted Food Production


Contributions & Style Guides

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Site Layout & Organization

Contributions & Style Guides

This site utilizes the BookStack Wiki application. BookStack is designed with an intuitive layout that allows for organic exploration of subjects. It also contains a tagging systems and a streamlined search functionality. The site is organized in following wa...

Article Layout & Organization

Contributions & Style Guides

Articles (Pages) should be concise, easy to read, and convey singular solutions that are straightforward to implement. Specifically articles should talk about one thing. If you find that your article is covering multiple subjects, split those subjects into mul...

How to Contribute

Contributions & Style Guides

Contributors and contributions are currently invite only. Once the foundation of the site has been established, site registration and contributions will be opened to the public. If you are interested in contributing to the site in the mean time, contact site...

What is Hacker | Solar ?

About this Site

Hacker | Solar is a knowledge repository on all subjects related to the practical application and praxis within the Solarpunk movement. Solarpunk is a literary, art, and social movement that understands the current state of the world in terms of climate crisi...

Layout & Search

About this Site

This site is meant to be accessed in two ways: Intuitive layout in the form of Shelves -> Books -> Chapters -> Pages Search functionality that returns topics as desired This dual layout allows for ease of access. If a person has a specific topic in mind...

Contributor Info & Contact

Contributors & Contact

This site is currently being built out by a small team of contributors. Site Administrators Tinker: Contact via DM on Twitter (@TinkerSec)

Material Requirements

Trash Stand - Open Source Build Plans

Food Production

Encompasses decentralized and localized food production of any kind, including vegetable & fruit growth, animal raising for food, insect ranching, etc.

Build Plans

Trash Stand - Open Source Build Plans

Article Templates


This is a boilerplate for new articles

Indoor Gardening Methods

Indoor Gardening

Specific techniques on growing anything indoors. Read the primer to get started!

Food Production


Trash Stand - Open Source Build Plans

How to make a simple trash stand to allow people in the public to help clean up areas.

Indoor Gardening

Includes any kind of gardening that can be done indoors. This includes soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics. Also how to light your indoor garden and keep things running.


Place all newly written articles here. Administrators will place the articles in the correct shelves within the library.

Contributions & Style Guides

Information regarding how to register with the site and how to contribute articles to the site.

About this Site

What is Hacker | Solar and how to use this site.

Contributors & Contact

About the team that creates and maintains this site.

Community Gardening

Gardening that incorporates interactions with individuals or groups outside of the immediate group. This includes shared time, effort, skill, knowledge, resources, and money.


Information all about water, water storage, filtration, use, reuse, all of that!

Open Source Projects

A repo of open source projects made by this local community that can be shared, duplicated, and replicated.

ZZ: Sorting Shelf

Add pages here for sorting into the library.

What you need to make the trash stand

Trash Stand - Open Source Build Plans Material Requirements

Raw materials needed: Three 2x4 pieces of lumber. 8 feet is perfect. Pressure-treated is better but use whatever you can find. 3 inch construction screws (star or T-25 drive screws prefered) Two Hook and Eyes (or however many you need if you have more tha...